• 7. éve szervezzük a VMG flottavitorlázást az Adrián, és a kezdetektől van, ami nem változik: a jókedv és a játékos versenyek, ahol mindig mindenki nyer…


KoszontoVMG Yachting Plc has been established in 2014 with the aim to plant the love of sailing in our clients of our unconventional tours. We mostly introduce them to the Croatian Adriatic waters and attractions. Our aim is to create a community that enjoys time spent together, paying attention to themselves and friends. We provide space for being together, sea, salty air, waves, delicious fish and wine and of course fun. We recommend our tours to people whose answer to a question ‘Do I deserve it?’ with a definite ‘yes’.


If you and your friends already have skiing booked in your calendars, don’t forget to book a slot for sailing in there, too! Also for 2017 you can note ‘Sailing in the Caribbean, too..

We believe in and also make you believe in sailing being a lifestyle. At least for those who believe that one’s own goals should not be reached at any cost, but by the best true ways.

Our choice of brand name confirms this, as ‘Velocity Made Good (a.k.a. VMG) means one of the most important information at sailing, more important than wind. (its value is always displayed on on-board GPS’es) VMG as the resulting speed vector always needs to be optimised by adjusting the heading (and the sails) accordingly. It’s like in real life – VMG is the key factor of reaching our goals and it doesn’t only apply to sailing, but also to everyday life.

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Have fair winds and peace!

VMG Yacthing team